Just Because I Had To

It’s been 18 months since I had a blog.  It was good to take a break but somehow I feel like it’s time to be back.  I suspect that a lot of people create blogs because they crave attention or are under the impression that they have something interesting/profound/hilarious to say.  I suspect that I have trite, depressing things to say.  I’m writing because my mind needs me to.  I won’t be interesting unless it’s by accident, but I’m cool with accidents after living in Asia.  Starting up this old blog-affair again makes my palms sweat, but I’ve a stout case of the mean reds and someone said that blogs help with that.

We don’t live overseas for the time being so it won’t be about elephants or langurs or orphans (A.K.A interesting, exotic things).  But it will be about what hasn’t changed no matter where I’ve lived in the last ten years:  being a mom, being a person, being desperate for Jesus to do something in my heart.  And while I don’t currently deal with 24-hour power outages and water shortage, I do deal with attitudes.  Mostly mine.  In the end it feels kind-of the same.


3 thoughts on “Just Because I Had To

  1. DestanyPate says:

    It’s alright. I feel the same way about my blog. I need it to stay in tune with myself. I need it to just ‘write’, and keep my head clear. This is a very old post, I know, but I have always enjoyed starting the blogs I follow from the very beginning.

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