Writer’s Block

It’s been two months since Husband and I came back to America with our three kids.  In some ways it’s been harder than we thought to reintegrate into life here.  I’m writing that because blah, blah, blah, writer’s block, blah.  (It’s amazing how much I do not want to write now that I’ve decided to do it).

This morning, as I was getting ready for the day, I wondered what I should put in this second post of mine.  That is, I tried to think of something good and couldn’t and felt hateful.  At first I thought that maybe I’d write about how Husband colored my hair this morning and then the pastor called while he was in the middle of it, still wearing the gloves.  And how Husband told the pastor exactly what he was doing, explaining that, “when we were in India I got very good at coloring my wife’s hair.”  I thought maybe I’d mention that I don’t know this pastor.  I’ve met him once and that I don’t exactly want him to know that I color my hair at the tender age of 34 because I’m going gray before my time.  Not that he cares, but still.  But then I thought, No, that’s too personal to share on this blog.  I don’t actually want anyone else knowing about the coloring thing, either.  So no.

Then I thought that I’d write about how I’m teaching myself Spanish these days.  Because apparently I’m addicted to distracting my brain with bookish, smartish things and learning Hindi and reading all of Don Quixote wasn’t enough.  But then I decided that it would sound like bragging.  And if there’s one thing we moms hate (or love to hate), it’s a Braggy Mom Blog.  So no.

Then I thought, in the spirit of total honesty, that I’d write about how starting a blog has nearly instantly made me a worse mom.  How today, when my kids were talking to me, all I could hear was, blah, blah, blah, potential-funny-kid-blog-material, blah, blah, hungry, make my own sandwich, play the Wii?  But then I felt like that might be too honest and you wouldn’t realize all the good, homeschool-ish things I do for my kids, like praise their crafts.  And I decided no.

So the thing I’m going to write is this:  I miss India.


6 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. Peacho says:

    hahahahahahooooooooooh. Dear. It’s so paralyzing to imagine the ways people might be hating on you. Haters gone hate. KOKO!


  2. thegereckes says:

    wow…so wasn’t expecting that last line. I’m tearing up right now…missing India with/for you. I can only imagine all you’re going through…but I’m SO glad you’re back to blogging…you’re such an amazing and transparent writer…thanks. Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks! Love.


  3. I had strands of gray hair growing out from my scalp at the tender age of 13. Yes- 13 years old! What the heck was that about!?!? Luckily it stayed to just a scattered few streaks here and there for years. It wasn’t until each of my three pregnancies that the darn things started multiplying. Sigh. I too color. I’m started before I hit 30.


    • Yikes, Kristen. Well, my gray didn’t start quite that early but it was early enough for me. I, too, had three pregnancies and each time I found more gray hairs. I’m only 34 and I’ll be coloring for a looooong time. Thanks for commenting!


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