Monkey See, Monkey Do

They say that actions speak louder than words.  I don’t know who “they” are, but in this case I think they’re right.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before our kids tried to copy us, convinced, as they are, that they’re small adults.  They hang out with Husband and I a lot and on top of that we homeschool.  Our adult friends visit our home often and our kids have lengthy conversations with them.  They end up asking us about the plots of grown-up movies we watch on date nights.  We explain the major themes in our parenting books, deconstruct political commentary with our kids, and let them listen in on our phone conversations (OK, no we don’t.  I hate that, actually).

Our oldest son, in particular, likes to read my blog posts and he tells me how funny and awesome I am.  It’s nice.  He’s ten and this won’t last forever.  A few days ago he asked if he could start his own blog.  I told him that it was a responsibility and that he’d need to commit to writing frequently.  I mentioned that he’d need some sort of theme and that he’d have to put some effort in.  He promised me that he would do all of the above.  I put him off for a few more days, in case it was one of the many, many short-lived phases we’ve already weathered.  But finally I saw that he meant business and helped him set up his own blog.

His first post made my tender mom-heart squeeze a bit.  He wrote about missing India and wanting a way to share his stories with someone who might care.  The post was only a few lines long but they were boyish and true.  He still lets me see his heart.  I don’t know when that door will to creak shut.

But for now I want to say, I understand, Son.  Let the boy-blogging begin.


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