America, The Efficient

This afternoon we had to go downtown to the courthouse to get our minivan’s title put back in our name.  As we entered the old building we saw a longish line of people, many of whom looked like they might have starred in The Muppet Movie at one time.  I groaned inwardly.  There’s so much to do today, and it’s hot, and we have a dinner engagement.  I’m sure this is going to take forever.  All these people…

Twenty minutes later (!), every person in line had been serviced in an orderly fashion, and we were standing in the county clerk’s office.  Our paperwork took 5 minutes to fill out.  The lady behind the desk was friendly and made small talk with us while keying our information into the computer.  The vents in her office blasted artificially chilly air.  I turned to Husband.  He caught my eye and I knew we were both thinking the same thing.

This transaction would have taken an entire day, perhaps many days, if we’d done it in India.  People would not have kept their places in line, one by one.  We’d have had to pay some sort of under-the-table bribe to get better service, or any service at all.  And it would have been hot, inside and out.

One the eve of Independence Day, I’d just like to say, for better or for worse, we love America and are thankful for her.


2 thoughts on “America, The Efficient

  1. Peacho says:

    That’s a good word. I hate the DMV. I always associate with with wasted time and mounting despair, so it is good for me to learn that it is, in fact, not the worst place of its kind.


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