For Him

Tomorrow morning we leave for Richmond, VA.  There we’ll attend a debrief week where we’ll meet with old friends, and work through what it means to live in the US again after living abroad as missionaries.  Nearly four years ago we lived in Richmond for a short while.  We underwent training for more effective overseas service there, and learned survival skills.  It was there we met many of the friends we now think of as family members.  Some of them we’ll see tomorrow.  So much will be different since the days we all lived together and dreamed of the future.  Only a few short years have separated us, and yet it feels like a decade has come and gone.

Many of us will have changed in three years, too, and we’ll all be moving in different directions now.  Some of us will be taking an “America break” before heading back overseas.  Others of us will have begun to put down fragile new roots in the US.  But one thing won’t have changed, nor will ever change, I hope:  we will still care deeply about the gospel, as it is God’s message to a lost and dying world.  We will live it, however imperfectly; tell it, sometimes haltingly and incompletely; and teach it, to our children, and to whomever else He puts in our path.

Because wherever we live, we live for Him.


One thought on “For Him

  1. Well said, Hannah. Cannot wait to see you guys tomorrow! It’s amazing that we will see you literally in a matter of hours. Your words ring true….how could any of have known what we were heading into as we drank our coffee and cocoa, and as we giggled and gasped at things presented to us. Looking forward to catching up!


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