New Chapters

The week we spent in Richmond felt life-changing for us.  We were able to put the last three years of our lives into some kind of perspective.  We were able to imagine going back overseas someday, but without a deadline.  We were better able to imagine a future here in the States, for however long that may be.

A lot of things came up in our break-out sessions this week, things that are hard to talk about in shorthand.  Hurts, disappointments, victories, moments of hilarity while living overseas.  It was beyond therapeutic to begin a sentence and have someone who served in Africa say, “Let me guess…”  It felt great to be understood.

This week has allowed us to move forward in our minds and hearts.  There’s still unfinished business in our lives but we trust that we’re starting a new chapter.  We’re thankful for people who love us and for people we love.

And we’re thankful for family.

Here’s to opening new chapters.



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