Today we participated in a bake sale to raise money for our local homeschool group.  This was the kind of thing I said I wasn’t going to do when we came back to the States. 


Anyway, it was the sort of activity I dread going in to.  I mean, we had to stand outside the main entrance of Wal-Mart and smile at people and make them want to buy and eat things we’d made at home.  People we don’t know.  I saw a couple of potential customers enter Wal-Mart through an alternate door so that they wouldn’t have to deal with us.  I’m sure we kind-of looked like the Von Trapps without the matching outfits.

But, as usual, it turned out to be a learning experience for us.  For me, in particular.  I thought it was going to be a painful morning of being mostly ignored, people giving us suspicious, sidelong glances.  Sneaking past us thinking, I wonder who those shiny people are, and Are they members of a cult? 

Instead, several people gave us donations without even taking so much as a Rice Krispy treat.  African-Americans, Latinos, old people, tatooed people, retired teachers, pregnant ladies, toothless ladies.

In short, people were friendly and generous.  To be honest, it surprised me–in a totally good way. 

Lesson learned.



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