Different Strokes

Yesterday we spent a wonderful day with friends we hadn’t seen in a long time.  Our kids swam in the pool together, then we all headed to Puerto Vallarta, a local Mexican restaurant, for fajitas.  After an early supper, because the night was still so young, we decided to head back to their house for grown-up talk time while the kids played upstairs.  We stayed at their house until midnight–something we almost never do, at anyone’s house.

Our friends are not Christians.  They don’t agree with us on spiritual, philosophical, or political matters.  In the big things, we aren’t on the same page (except, of course, that we all love our children and our spouses very much–and appreciate good food and music). Make no mistake, Jesus Christ is the single most important reality in our lives.  So why were we able to talk late into the night without things getting heated or turning awkward in disagreement?

Well, for one thing, they’re caring people.  They were interested in our India stories (or politely pretended to be) and let us talk–and talk and talk.  They asked intelligent questions about our time overseas and listened to our answers.  I broke down and started crying at one painful memory, and the husband quietly got up and handed me a box of Puffs tissues.

Another reason it worked is because, unbeknownst to them, the Lord had chosen to use them to minister to us.  They were just being themselves, but He used their hospitality, warmth, and willingness to hear us to speak love to us.  They listened to our story better than many of our Christian friends have, and they were not threatened by our answers to their questions.

God uses whomever He desires, whenever He desires, to work His purposes in our lives for His glory.  Last night He used our non-Christian friends.  And we are thankful.  To them and to Him.


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