The List

What’s the sweetest bloggy gift one mom can give to another mom in the blogosphere?

I’ve asked myself this question a few times.  If I wanted to give a digital gift in the form of a blog post–or better yet, if I wanted to get a digital gift in the form of a blog post–what might be in it?


A list of possibilities:

  • Laughs.  I like laughs.  Laughs are always good, especially at someone else’s expense.  One of the mom bloggers whose writing I read simply spells the word ‘larf’ and I’m already a tish happier.
  • Recipes.  Eh…I mean…ok.  But not the greatest.  To me, reading a blog post full of recipes is like opening one’s stocking on Christmas morning and finding a comb, an orange, and some Wrigley’s spearmint gum (hey, not that I’m ungrateful, Mom).
  • Mom fails. What I really like to read about is all the things that the I-seem-like-I’ve-got-my-foo-foo-together moms don’t actually get done in a day.  It makes me feel better about myself.  That’s borderline emotionally unhealthy, I know.  But borderline is better than fully unhealthy, right?  Denial, anyone?
  • Homeschool fails.  See above.  Just add long division.
  • Inspiration.  Done correctly, and without emoticons or clip art, these types of posts can cause me to see the big picture for, like, 30 minutes.  This is really helpful.
  • Weight loss journeys.  I don’t need to explain this, right?
  • Posts with interesting links.  It’s like prepackaged curricula.  Someone else has done all the work.

And now my question to you is, What do you most like in a blog post?  What do you find dull and what makes your day better after having read it?


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