I am so, so tired.  I can’t put my finger on why, exactly, but it feels like I’m crawling on a treadmill set to a 10% incline.  Have you seen ‘Biggest Loser’?  Well, my soul looks like the contestants in week one, on their first mountain hike, all that sweating and crying.  Only, in this case, Bob Harper is my own unmet expectations, and he’s screaming at me to dig deep and give him one more rep.  The difference is, the real Bob Harper lets his contestants take breaks and sleep occasionally.  But what is it that they say?  A mother’s work is never done?  If that’s true then what about a perfectionist-homeschooling-mom-with-three-kids-and-a-bad-dog’s work?  Her work was piling up before she was born, apparently.

Or maybe 50% of my workload is actually just in my head.


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