A Post About Something Other Than the Election

Many of you know that Husband (known to his students as Mr. V) teaches English as a second language to (mostly) refugees.  He deals with students who know no English when they enter his classroom.  Some of them have had no prior education at all.  So it’s, you know, not the easiest job in the world, but it’s never dull.  Not for one blessed minute.
Today Husband asked his students to write about him using their very best adjectives.  Then he brought their papers home to read to me.  Sometimes it’s good to see yourself through someone else’s eyes–even if that person’s spelling is very, very bad.  Here are some of Husband’s students’ thoughts about him.


Mr. V is long and huge body!  It white and Blond hair.  Is a man and Handsome.  The wearing of clothing striped Shirts and gray trousers and brow shoes.


Mr. V is nice teacher  We love him because. He is good for student He is smart teacher  He is Strong  He tall and big  sometime He is funny  He have two son and one daughter


  1. He’s Funny
  2. He’s Friendly
  3. He’s wearing brack sweater.
  4. He’s big
  5. He’s tall
  6. He’s 35 years old
  7. He’s married
  8. He’s etc.


About Mr. V:

Mr. V. is:  To Tall, fat, White, nice face

he wear:  a blue Sweater, a brown shoos, and a gray pants.

like, Short hair, To big, black wach.


Mr. V. everyday is happy, have a smile pretty. have eyes color green, have hair color brown, is funny, He nice.  Mr. V. is tall skinny.  Mr. V is my teacher!  Mr. V. is of color Whaite.


My teacher Mr. V. is height, is white you hair is yellow, is big, is strong is veri good is perfec.  You shoes is brown pend gray, you chaquet is blu.  Mr. V. is good.


  1. My teacher is white.
  2. My teacher is Big
  3. My teacher wears brow shoes
  4. My teacher wears grey pant
  5. My teacher wears black watch
  6. My teacher is smoll

And there you have it, folks.  I pretty much agree with all of the above.


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