Dear Homeschool Mom

Dear Homeschool Mom (who’s redeemed by the blood of the Lamb) ,

Another school year has come to a close (though for many of you–us–it goes on).  You’ve done a mostly thankless job, and it’s been hard–and good.  You’ve enjoyed your kids, deeply grateful to have spent another year with them.  And you’ve wanted to get rid of them (maybe boarding school is ok, after all).  You’ve kept an orderly house, and a messy one.  You’ve done math lessons and taken breaks from math, sure that it’ll be your undoing.  You’ve woken up in the morning, gotten dressed, done important, educational things, and no one noticed.  You’ve overslept, started the day already behind in your work, gotten through the day only by the grace of God.  And no one noticed.

Except that Someone did. 

God noticed and cared when you felt exhilarated that your child finally understands long division.  He understood when you got behind on laundry, couldn’t get a shower, missed your quiet time, walked around feeling sorry for yourself (Why can’t I wear pretty clothes and grab Starbucks on the way to my shiny, important job).  He loved you when you yelled at your son for wasting your precious time.  He loved you when you created the perfect educational moment and felt like a pro.  When your kids saw you walking in the flesh, and you were ugly, and you came to them and I’m sorry, He loved you.  When you missed a teachable moment because you were too busy worrying about what someone said on Facebook, He had mercy.  When someone asked you an insensitive question about your educational choices, and you answered nicely, He loved you.  When you rolled your eyes and fumed at the limitless stupidity of Some People, He loved you just the same.

You were held every minute of this school year.  You were in his grip of grace.  You were (and are) a sinner saved (!)–and grace is what’s gotten you through.  Your work is important regardless of who notices, or who cares.  It’s important to God.  But He loves you because of His Son, not because of your work, as important as it is.  You are not your work, though it’s tempting to believe you are Teacher-Mom and no one else.  You are a citizen of a different kingdom.  Your identity is hidden in Christ.

So go swim, or watch your kids swim and read a magazine, instead.  Do math.  Or don’t.  Live your imperfect life and love your kids (even when you don’t).  Be who you are, knowing that the goal is to look more like Jesus.  And chill.  Because He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.  And that goes for your kids, too.

You are not your job.  But for what it’s worth, here’s a pat on the back from me.



3 thoughts on “Dear Homeschool Mom

  1. Julie says:

    Haven’t heard much from you on facebook, so I thought I’d just check in on your blog. Though this post goes back a few months, I needed to read it — hear it — today. It’s been a messy, exhausting week. History and spelling happened (the rest was a bit of a crapshoot). Thank you for the encouragement and the faithful reminder that God is with me…..Immanuel……and my work is important to Him. And so, we press on with the work, and press in to Him where grace and mercy abound.


  2. Mary Lou says:

    Thank you for writing this. I so needed to read this today! We are on our lasr quarter and I have worn thin and not feeling well. I so neede these words. Today. Now.


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