How To Work At Home When You Aren’t Getting Paid (Yet)

I’m writing over at Modern Mrs. Darcy today!  Check out my post on working (and being a creative) at home when the money hasn’t come in just yet.

I’ve always been a creative type. Music was the language of my family of origin, but writing was my private joy. I didn’t analyze it or imagine what type of future job I might land if I developed my skills. My love of the written word was just mine, like the fact that I was petite and had dark hair. – See more at:

2 thoughts on “How To Work At Home When You Aren’t Getting Paid (Yet)

  1. your post was great… When I left my job (we owned a business and I freelanced) to write (without getting paid), we homeschooled as well. This year, our daughter was a freshman and we had recently moved so she transitioned into a prep school. I was certain I would have all the time in the world to work, but it became so much harder. I don’t know if it’s because of the move, or my loss in routine, but this past year has been a nightmare on my work. (which I feel like should be stated “work” because, again, there is no paycheck… Though I’d love for there to be, one day.


    • In a weird way, that is comforting to me–because I can get into the habit of thinking that it’s my kids being home that is giving me trouble in the work department. But, more likely, it’s an issue of my own schedule–and handling of that schedule. Here’s hoping that you can get things ironed out so that you get real work done in the day!


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