I’m participating in a creative essay contest over at The Book Butchers.  I was given the writing prompt how to write a book.  My essay is titled ‘How To Write A Book When You Don’t Have Time.’  Fitting, since I did just that last year.  If I win I’ll receive free quality editing of up to 50,000 words of my manuscript.  Um, yay!  Stop over and check it out, if you’re so inclined.  (In my essay I explain why writing a book is like having childbirth contractions, but every day, and without an epidural).  Good times, good times. 

P.S.  If you click the little Facebook or Twitter icon at the bottom of the essay it helps me out, apparently, though I’m not really sure why.


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    • It does take a certain kind of discipline to carry a project through. Maybe you could start small and commit to finishing a short story–all the way through to the editing part. It would be good practice and not so overwhelming as trying to finish an entire novel! Love you. ❤


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