Whatever Wednesday

A little spot of inspiration with your morning coffee?  I’ve yet to come across a song that sums up my marriage–a lot of people’s marriages–like this one.  I love it.  Just something to make you smile this morning because I plan to spend the day playing with the kids and humming this song to myself until they beg me to stop.

Dancing in the Minefields

2 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday

  1. Jamie says:

    I’ve been following your blog for just a little while- I love what you write and how you write it…and I appreciate the home school advice and insight. Thanks so much!
    And we love Andrew Peterson! He is talented in so many different areas. We’re reading aloud his Wingfeather Saga series- bedtime reading is pretty exciting these days 🙂


    • Kind words! Thank you. Our kids read that series and loved it. I listen to Andrew Peterson’s music and we have some mutual friends. It’s a small world. 🙂


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