Hans Brinker and the Screen Dam

Ah, screens.  The bane of my (parenting) existence.  Can’t live with ’em, can-technically-live-without-em-but-not-really-unless-you’re-Amish.


I understand the irony of complaining about screens while I blog on a screen.  I didn’t say I wasn’t conflicted and just the slightest bit hypocritical on this issue.  But my kids’ frontal lobes aren’t fully developed, and mine is.  My frontal lobe grew up before screens were everywhere.  And this is why I feel anxious parenting in this screens all the time world.  I worry that my kids might turn out like robots because they have to trust me when I say that once upon a time, there lived a whole world that communicated via paper and mouths.  They think my stories about life without the Internet are quaint, and I hate that.

So, anyways.

I came across this today and it’s true.  Forever.  Just read it, please, if you remember the original 90210 and have kids and feel like Hans Brinker with your finger in the screen dam.  It’s worth it.  At least you’ll know you’re not alone and that’s something.

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