Feet on the Ground

Today officially kicks off our Fall break.  And, boy, do we love us some breaks around here.  We’re going out of town this weekend to visit family, which is always nice, and feels like a set of pleasant parentheses in our holiday sentence.

I’m doing a little brain dump before getting away from Internetland for a bit.  I was just going to say, you know how parenting keeps you humble?  How kids say ridiculous things that embarrass you and put you in your place?  How you can’t ever know for sure if you’re doing parenting “right”, and you want to say there isn’t a right way, necessarily, so that you feel less pressure, but you don’t actually believe that so you keep trying and hoping that things turn out for your kids, but you can’t force them to?

Ah, me.

Well, it turns out that blogging keeps you humble, too, but in a funnier, less existential angsty way.  Do you know what is the number one search that leads people to this blog?

‘Need help.  Waking up with one eye open and one eye closed.

It turns out that this is a huge, ongoing issue for a lot of people.  Just imagine their disappointment when they land on this blog after looking for solutions to their eye problems.

Imagining their disgust as they skim posts about homeschooling and writing and feelings keeps my feet on the ground.

Happy Fall.

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