Homeschooling as an HSP (and how to survive)

Sometimes homeschooling wears me out, but not for the reasons you might think.  For instance, you might imagine that being responsible for overseeing three kids’ educational journeys would be exhausting–all those math worksheets and field trips.  But those things aren’t that big of a deal, really.  Believe me, we take life slowly around here.  Our mornings creep by no matter when I wake up.  So it’s not the schooly-type things that get me.

It’s everything else.

Today I read an article that describes people like me, people who get tired out by the oddest of things, and offers suggestions for how to navigate your day when you find the act of, say, talking to be annoying.  It’s worth the read–even if Wal-Mart, disco balls, and two or more people conversing at the same time don’t get you down.

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