Better Than The Book

A quickie post for those of you who a). homeschool your kids, b). like history, or c). want your kids to know some history, for crying out loud. I commend to you Ken Burns’ Civil War documentary.  We’re watching it now on Netflix and it’s amazing.  I know this is like saying M.A.S.H. is amazing since it’s been around long enough that one of the featured scholars said, “In this, the twentieth century…”

Still, we hadn’t seen it before, and we’re finding it much better than a textbook for conveying facts and stories about the War Between the States.  My advice?  Skip the movie about Lincoln and watch this, instead.  You won’t get Sally Fields, but you will get a Morgan Freeman voice-over, and who doesn’t love that?  Fair warning: parts of the documentary are graphic and unsuitable for young kids.

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