Being Mom and Me

Sometimes I stumble across an article or essay that sums up what I’ve been thinking/feeling about an issue, and I’m relieved I didn’t have to write it.  Because, you know, tired.

For instance, I’ve often thought that motherhood has deeply changed me.  Not in a I’m-now-wiser-and-less-selfish kind of way, although I hope that’s true, at least a little bit. More in a but-seriously-I-think-I’ve-been-permanently-and-profoundly-altered-in-more-than-just-the-stretch-marks way.

And, I don’t know, I don’t always love the thought of that because my original self and I were pretty tight.

Today I read Jamie Martin‘s thoughts about how she believes motherhood changed her personality, and I resonated with them.  Some questions to consider:  What do you do when the person you always were gives way to the person you have to be as Mom?  How do you keep being the you you while also being the you your kids need? (Hint: they aren’t always the same person).

These are questions I don’t have the answers to.  Jamie might not either.  But it’s nice to know I’m not alone in the asking.


6 thoughts on “Being Mom and Me

    • Thanks for reading. I guess I don’t feel like I’m losing myself in these years as much as I’m having to adapt to what my children need me to be. This is part of being a mom, I guess. I’m an introvert and I love quiet. But with two rowdy boys and a rambunctious daughter I don’t get as much quiet as I think I “need.” It’s changing me. But I hope I’ll be better for it in the end. Blessings to you in your journey.


  1. I’ve been feeling the same way. Being a mother and wife has changed me so much that I literally ask myself “What happened to you?” Almost 7 years into it and I’m just starting to realize how much I’ve changed. I love my roles but they were supposed to enhance me, not completely consume me. Now I’m trying to find a balance between being a wife, mother, and holding on to me at the same time.


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