The Next Thing

This summer has been a doozy.  I lost a grandmother, rode the rails of the cancer train with another grandmother (still riding), had a grandfather fall and break his hip–and this while he suffers from late-stage Alzheimer’s.  I’ve been on an extended family vacation, finished a manuscript, tried to sleep at night (and found myself unsuccessful).  I’ve done my level-best, along with millions of other Americans, to ignore our political candidates and their latest absurdities, but found myself horrified anyway when I peaked through my fingers.

All in a few weeks’ time.

DSC_0690This summer has been a doozy, yes, and I’m almost ready for it to be over, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t necessary.  Everything we go through, each day that passes, is, in its own mysterious way, a necessary part of the whole that makes up our lives.  Our experiences shape us and we shape them (which is what writing is, in the end, the shaping of events into stories we can tell until we begin to understand them a little).  God helps us with the shaping, and that’s a good thing since he’s the one who holds everything anyway.

Still, I look forward to the coolness of fall, the reassurance of routine.  I prepare to kiss summer goodbye this time without a hint of nostalgia.  It’s almost time and I’m ready.



2 thoughts on “The Next Thing

  1. Somehow you’ve managed another amazing short haircut. I could never even pull off one. 😉 You look utterly lovely.

    I’m sorry it’s been a tough summer… and the sleeplessness– yes… not easy and I’m experiencing it again too. Sometimes it’s time to get up and write, but then I’m beat by mid-morning… eeeep!


    • Thanks! I’m currently growing out the short hair and it’s only to the length in the picture. It’s SO hard not to cut it all off again, but I like change (at least when it comes to my hair) and this was a way to get it. As for writing, if I do it at night I’ve already consigned myself to never going back to sleep until morning! But sometimes it’s worth it. I had a short story win a prize once and it was one I had stayed up all night to write. 🙂


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