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It’s that time again when I participate in Quick Lit, a down-and-dirty review of the books I’m reading, for better or worse.  I’m on a binge these days, which is how my reading life seems to go half the time.  During the other half I realize I’m reading nothing longer than an article or, heaven help me, a blog post.  Happily, I have a list going just in time for the link-up.  On my nightstand are

Beyond the First Draft, John Casey.  This is a writing craft book but it reads like a memoir and, well, I loved it.  Some craft books are so technical I feel like I’m inside a Swiss clock when I’m reading them.  Others are so woo-woo I might as well be watching Oprah.  This book is a collection of essays and it’s both beautifully written and informative.  Yes, please.

Better Than Before, Gretchen Rubin.  This book is helpful for deciding on and implementing useful daily habits.  Padded out with research and plenty of anecdotes, it’s both a practical and breezy read.  Rubin posits that habits make us who we are and that we can and should develop ones that propel us toward living according to our values.  While the author comes across a little heavy-handed at times, her writing style allows the reader to clearly “hear” her voice.  A good thing.

Woe is I, Patricia O’Conner.  OK, it’s a funny book on brushing up on grammar that won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.  But I’m a writer and I have to remind myself how to use the tools of the trade.  Did I mention it’s funny?

The Last Battle, C. S. Lewis.  This one’s for my kids and it’s the last book in the Chronicles of Narnia, a beloved series I started reading to them at the end of last school year.  Fast-paced and layered with meaning, it may be my favorite of all the books in the series and seems especially apropos in dark times such as these.

That’s all for now.  Well, not really.  I’m skimming Decoding Your Dog and already feeling guilty about making my dogs kiss me when they’d (apparently, according to the authors) rather not.  But, you know, I’m trying to get better.  And that’s my list for now.  What’s on yours?




4 thoughts on “Quick Lit

  1. Joyce Haase says:

    I’m so crazy busy at work that I have no time to read right now – but the book I really can’t wait to read is WHO DOES HE SAY YOU ARE? Women Transformed by Christ in the Gospels by Colleen C Mitchell. Colleen Mitchell is a Catholic missionary in Costa Rica. What really made me want to read this book was this quote I read…”Can I tell you a little secret about our sweet Jesus, friend? He does not have disposable disciples. He doesn’t use us like paper plates at a party, then toss us when we get messy. No, God values the hearts of his precious daughters like they are vessels of the highest quality, like the finest china. If we find ourselves messy, used up, chipped, and even totally broken in service to him, he will find a way to wash us clean, put us back together again and put us on display as his prized possessions. We, friends, are worth far more to him than we could ever imagine.” Colleen Connell Mitchell

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  2. oooh, I am always looking for good writing craft books. I will need to add those ones to my list! I really liked Elements of Style (a classic that I just read this summer). I liked The Last Battle as well, though I thought it had an entirely different feel than the rest of the Narnia books. Those books are all pure gold. I think my favorites would be The Magician’s Nephew and The Silver Chair.

    here are my July reads: http://elle-alice.blogspot.ca/2016/07/july-book-reviews.html

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