Turning A Page

Our trip to Paraguay was relentless, hot and wonderful.  We were able to accomplish more than we’d hoped, thank God, and our flights and connections remained smooth (no small thing considering we flew over the Amazon Basin twice and there are, let’s just say, bumps in that ride).  The whole experience was life-altering, as trips like these often are.


In our Paraguayan hotel room.  It was 99 degrees and humid outside but at night our AC wall unit worked overtime.  It reminded us of the good old days in India. 

Predictably, I arrived home with a sore throat and fluid packed ears, so I spent last week trying to recover and getting the kids back on track in their regular routines while hoping my exhausted husband was somehow making it at work.  My work in progress (affectionately known in writer world as WIP) remained mostly untouched, save for a little fiddling here, a few hundred words there.  I kept telling myself that it’s insane to spend a grueling, love-filled week in South America and then expect for things to immediately fall back into place just because the plane touched back down at home.  Still, I fretted.

And now it’s Monday again, come what may.  Things are slowly coming together.  I signed up for the ACFW conference last week, which is in August this year.  It’s terrifying to have a real deadline by which I should have my manuscript ready (or ready-ish) in order to receive helpful feedback.

It’s also clarifying–meaning I will, once again, have to trim the fat from my life in order to meet my goal.

For the next several weeks I’ll have my head down in an attempt to finish and polish the manuscript I’m working on while also helping my kids wrap up their school year and keep the home fires burning in my marriage.  If all of that seems reasonable to you, I’d love to take your productivity course.

So I’ll be scarce on the old blog. I won’t even be writing much poetry, for heaven’s sake.  I’ll miss you all.  In the meantime, feel free to drop in here and comment, look around, or email me if the mood strikes you.

Until I emerge on the other side,




The Other Side of the Looking Glass


I’m back from a ten-day stint overseas and I’m popping in here, not because I have anything profound to say, but because I’m awake now, and wanting to slip back into familiar routines.

Two quick observations:

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.  I missed my kids while I was in South America.  And it turns out that I needed to miss them.  It’s helpful to be reminded of how much space they take up in my heart because I can forget when the middle school gets thick around here.  For the time being, I’m seeing them with fresh eyes, and it feels good.

Writing while traveling, even if it’s just keeping a journal, can inject fresh life into a stale routine.  I was worried that being without my laptop for ten days would cause me to lose momentum on the writing project I was working on before I left.  I’d bought a little sea-blue journal and had made myself a promise to record observations and events while I was in Paraguay, but I still felt like I’d be taking a hit when I got home.  I didn’t.  As it happened, I was able to jump right back into my project–with new perspective.  Hopefully I can use some of what I jotted down while I was away sometime, too.

All in all, it’s good to be home.  I love to travel, to speak with different vocabularies, to memorize other hearts.  But at the end of the day, I love the familiar, too.  Here’s to slipping through the looking glass, and to popping back out again.