Hope and the O.D.D

I am beginning to think of this blog as my Occasional Death Diary since it seems all I do is wait for someone dear to me to pass away and then blog about it. At the end of May, my last living grandparent went to be with Jesus. To say her going left a hole in my center is an understatement. She took my childhood with her.

And yet. Life plods on, intrepid, slow, determined. I have three teenagers and a best friend for a husband. I have my parents and my sisters, and, well, stuff keeps me here. I’m still running in my neighborhood, still reading big books, and writing. It may seem dramatic to say, but I’m a little surprised and offended by my survival instinct. We keep going, most of us, with bloodied hearts. It turns out, that’s normal. Jesus had a bloodied heart, too, once. Someday he will make all things new. Until then, he is with us, and we press on.

Managing Your Kids’ Screen Time So It Helps, Not Hurts

Are you a parent who feels guilty about how much screen time your kids engage in?  I, for one, wish screens didn’t exist most of the time.  But they do, and my kids use them.  So, ahem, do I.  Here’s a great article on how to help your kids get the most out of their screen time, and how to incorporate purposeful screen breaks in order to encourage your children’s engagement with the real world.