An Addendum

People think that if you’ve been up close to suffering, human or otherwise, that it puts things into perspective for you.  That you pick your battles carefully, that you don’t get bogged down with petty sorrows because you know how bad things can really get.  They assume that you’ve had to grow a little tough, or else go crazy.

Maybe all that’s true, to some extent.  But I’ve found that experiencing the suffering of others (in India, and in other places) along with some of my own, has given my heart stretch marks, instead.  It’s made it baggy and soft and able to hold more–more sadness, probably, but I hope more love, too.  My heart’s weaker than it used to be, and less efficient.  I cry too much about things that used to escape my notice.

But that’s ok.  It’s a price I’ve been willing to pay in order to get down low, and I don’t regret it.  And, anyway, it just means that things like this,

DSC_1452are more apt to make me smile.

So here’s to those of us with worn, flabby hearts that can’t keep things in proper proportion.  I’m trusting there’s a reason for softness.

This Is How Love Wins

I am a Christian and, while I often write without specifically mentioning my faith, it colors everything, absolutely everything, that I do and am.  It is the source of my deepest inspiration and the bedrock on which my life is built.  I don’t normally post videos and other media on this blog, but I was listening to a song this morning while hiding out in my bathroom (go figure) and it struck me.  I had to share it.  If you have a moment, and the inclination, click the link below.

Warning:  The video is pretty graphic so exercise caution if you have little ones in the room.  And one more thing.  If you don’t already know, the recording artist for this song has undergone some staggering suffering in his personal life.  (You can learn about it here).  Knowing this makes this song that much more poignant, I think.