The Bare Minimum is Better Than Nothing


It’s March.  February was…well, I’m just going to leave it there.  March is shaping up to be no less insane since I’m heading to South America for ten days–without the family.  When things get nutty (and they have recently) and nothing goes as planned (it kind-of hasn’t for a while), I hunker down and try to accomplish what I call The Bare Minimum.

Everyone has his or her own idea of what constitutes ‘bare minimum’, of course.  In truly awful circumstances, it probably consists of making sure you and your loved ones are eating and wearing clothes.  But in most non-life-threatening situations, it’s a list of the most basic things a person needs to accomplish to keep moving forward when things aren’t quite normal.

I’ve been adhering my own Bare Minimum list for weeks now…

  • Bible reading (sometimes only a handful of verses) and prayer
  • Helping the kids with their schoolwork (but basically math and writing when things are especially ridiculous)
  • Writing 500 words a day, except on weekends (even if they’re stupid words, and they sometimes are since I feel like I’m shoving them into a tight schedule)
  • Basic tidying up around the house (the kids are helping out so that it doesn’t all fall on my shoulders)
  • Keeping food on the table (easy meals like Crock Pot chicken fajitas)
  • Drinking water (I buy the flavored, sparkling kind and drink can after can.  Hey, at least it keeps me hydrated and is better than soda)
  • Sleeping (more than usual, if I can)

I can’t handle any more than what’s on that list these days.  I know things will settle down eventually but, for now, I keep reminding myself that accomplishing The Bare Minimum is, indeed, better than nothing.

What’s on your bare minimum list?