The Cool (But Surprisingly Nice) Kids’ Table

The Internet can be a nasty place, like a high school cafeteria in a bad section of town.  But sometimes you walk in with your new backpack that you hope doesn’t look too TJMaxx and you see some girls at a table.  You think, I have to sit somewhereMaybe they aren’t too cool for the likes of me.  So you sit down and they start talking to you and it’s just so much better than you thought.

At my Internet table today is Cara Meredith.  She’s a writer who’s encouraging and extremely pregnant.  It’s a solid combo, that.  She’s letting me sit next to her and we’re talking about how sometimes little things have the biggest impact.  If you want, you can come over.  Bring your brown bag lunch and your discount shoes.  There’ll be no eye-rolling here.